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One and a half year ago I had my cute twins, but my body became awful. Exactly, it was a disaster! Even despite the fact, I used to do fitness before my motherhood. I was SO depressed! Lots of various diets and boarring training did nothing. Besides, if you breast-feed two strong little men, it’s very hard to keep any diet. So, I became fat, angry and really sad. Frankly speaking, I have no idea how to through my «changes»))).

But later, I can say, I was so lucky! Strolling the Internet space in looking for anything helpful for being nice again I found S-hub class. And I… just believed Liza.

I have been doing S-hub for half a year. I must say at once, I haven’t lost my weight immediately, no. Of course, I am 46 size in some parts of my body (some people think 46 size women are plump), but, honestly, I don’t exercise every day.

So, here is the great result: I have my waist again, ugly wrinkles have disappeared, my butt is sexy now (or, as they say, Brazil butt. Of course, I won’t stop, I am still going to slim. I realized that stretching is for me. I am satisfied and so is my husband).

Masha, 29 y.o., young mum:

Of course, I am still young and beautiful, but my business and big family took their toll. Now it’s about me: exhausted and sleepy woman, middle aged, a little flabby tummy. Sitting, suffering from evening lameness. In addition to these conditions, divorce and my elder son’s wedding. It’s like I am an old loser and, even more, old maid.

Visiting the seaside has changed my worldview. How many nice and sexy young bodies on the beach! So, I was anxious to be the same sexy lady, yes, I was! To return my youth and to be desirable for every single man.

Yelizaveta Andreeva’ s stretching has created a miracle with my mind and body. I’ve got rid of my 10 years, not less! Now I’m not embarrassed to wear sexy jeans and mini. I remembered about my low neck as well.

But, the most important thing, despite my renewed body my soul has also renewed. I’ve got the sense and taste of life!

Now it’s not a big problem for me to live, work and do sports. Everything is easy for me. And, yes…I have a close friend. By the way, he’s always impressed with my forward split))). Do you guess what I mean?)))

Irina, 43 y.o., employer:

I’ve always dreamed to do splits. I can say it has always been my obsessive idea. But I was sure I had no responsibility for that exercising and I couldn’t impress myself and my lover with that damn appetizing pose).

But no, no such luck! My boyfriend’s brother’s third wife (I hope you caught) got the beginners’ course of stretching. I was given the advanced girls programme (yeah, as a sports girl). What can I say? I did the splits for 3 months though I used to try the exercise for years.

As a friendly recommendation:

Dear girls, their mums and, of course, grannies! Do you want you dream about doing splits come true? Then welcome to the S-hub’s world!!!

Tatyana, 22 y.o., student:

As you know, it’s accepted in our country that our women are able to do everything: do housework, stop horses at full gallop, earn money, please husband, raise kids and etc.

To my 30 years old I remembered I was a wife and a mother but the fact I am a weak woman as well completely slipped my memory. Jeans, t-shirts and trainers were my casual clothes. Certainly, they are so convenient for my doing shopping.

To change my routine, make my life brighter with any little thing I start looking for something simple. In other words, I wanted something special for dived into routine ladies.

Finally, half a year I bumped into those stretching classes and it was love for the first sight! Even though I trust advertising not a jot. But I decided to try. Lose nothing for asking!

Honestly, I downloaded the first class and went it over for 2 months. Then I decided to buy full programme. At the moment I do stretching all the time. I am really getting high (euphoria)!!! Unexpectedly for myself I was able to dress my student vintage trousers!

Doing sport at home is really cool! Is anybody still thinking? 

Galina, 35 y.o., housewife: