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Nowadays, people are crazy about "big tits", “biscuits” and sixpack. From taking nutrient additives, buffing up and doing surgery - they are willing to do anything to have the body of their dreams. It seems they forgot all about natural body abilities and healthy methods.

All humans problems are due to lack of muscle elasticity.

S-HUBmeis ready to solve this problem. Lisa Inspirer and  auther  of  this progect, master of rhythmic gymnastics and young  mom.Ten years devoted to this kind of sport learning everything about perfect form, balance, grace and yes, beauty to compete at a top level in a challenging physical sport that is also a visual art.

Lisa makes videos on youtube about how strength stretching, flexibility workouts, fun playing and easy cooking can make anyone more fit, happy, strong and confident then ever.

She explained :«S-HUBme visited my mind after my daughter’s birth, when my figure changed and I didn’t have enough for “me time”. You won't believe how fast recommitting to 20 minutes of daily stretching changed my body back to the pre-baby form.»

Just 20 minutes of daily stretching forms a strong healthy habit.

If you're totally spent by midafternoon, a stretch break will invigorate you in less time than it would take for a barista to whip up your usual latte.

Art of Stretchingby S-HUBme - your personal stretching coach proposes ten (10) brief stretching workouts teaching you everything you need to gain strength, flexibility and look your best.

You will be able to do all of this with just 20 minutes a day following essential stretching courses. There will be 2 levels: for beginners and advanced level.  Every stretching workout consists of exercises directed on stretching specific groups of muscles. The classes move gradually from simple to complex. You will see constant improvement through repetition and variety.

What will you get being flexible?

·       Improved mood.

·       Relaxation of achy or underused muscles.  

·       Elastic and shining skin.

·       A beautiful, flexible body capable of new feats – even the splits.  

·       Helps with fine-muscle coordination

·       You'll move around more easily and with less pain.

·       Anti-stress effect .Stretching can help tame tension both physically and mentally, as it relieves tight muscles while tricking you into feeling more relaxed.

Wow-effect! Your beautiful, sporty body will make stunning impressions. 

Let’s start Art of Stretching journey right now!