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Feeling desperate about having back their thin bodies, women (and even certain men) go on a restricted diet. Thus, they condemn themselves to the constant feeling of hunger and low mood. There are other ways to lose weight, much more pleasant and useful for your health: healthy eating and sports. These notions remain relevant at any age. Even if your health is fine and your body is fit, a healthy menu and training sessions will bring many positive moments into your life.

Diet: in favor or against?

When we say “diet,” we usually mean a tiresome battle with our own appetite. (Let’s not confuse a healthy diet that is made by a skilled physician and a list of food products that you found on the Internet resource related to gastronomy).

A week or two of hunger pangs, and the body loses a few kilograms. But can you call it a victory? Maybe, you can, except there is a “but”… a competition, even when you are fighting yourself, must bring joy. And do you feel happy when you starve yourself? If so, then what is it?

Traditionally, a diet consists of two tricks: you need to reduce your portions and exclude all high-calorie products. In the absence of the usual amount of food, your stomach will begin to rebel. The most common side effects of starvation include stomachaches, digestive disorders, and other gastroenterological issues.

Calorie calculation is a hard and patient process. You need to take into account a dozen of details: how the food was prepared, is it a village or a store bought product, the lifestyle. A person, who does not get enough of nutritious substances, becomes heavy-headed, distracted, depressed. This is the reason why the calories in the menu should be calculated by an experienced dietologist.

Life is much more exciting when you have a healthy hobby! Why not take an interest in your health? The experience of habitual HLS (healthy lifestyle) fans proves that the training sessions together with a healthy diet can do miracles.

Healthy appetite!

The opinion that healthy nutrition is boring is unjust. The key rule of a healthy diet is saying “no” to semi-finished, fried, and smoked products. Using natural food is enough, and in a week or two, you will feel a flush of strength and good mood. And if your goal is to lose some weight, then you need to exclude fat, starchy, and sweet foods too.

Among healthy food products that have low caloric value are buckwheat, rice, fish, vegetables, and fruit. Dairy products, nuts, and dried fruit are also good. By combining these delicious foods, you can have a diverse menu and improve your health at the same time.

Sports? Sports!

Sports are considered to be the most useful hobby invented by the mankind. During the training sessions, we burn extra fat, and our body becomes fit, and the skin, too, becomes firm. The athlete is inclined to high spirits; he makes new friends. Finally, sports are simply beautiful!

Old time overweight and saggy wrestlers recommend scheduling fitness sessions for the end of the day when you have consumed most of the daily food. Thus, you will lose the excessive energy faster, and hunger and weakness will not interfere with the exercises.  

Those, who prefer calmer activities, should train in the pool. Doing exercises in the water makes our bodies flexible and firm. It’s good to combine the pool training with time in the sauna. When attending the sauna, you should always remember to restore the fluid balance (you sweat in the sauna and lose fluids) later by drinking water.

Morning runs are convenient because they only take 30-40 minutes a day. Before the training, we do a warm up (the usual exercises in the fresh air). For maximum effect, running exercises should be done in the following order: Racewalk (200m), jog (200m), and run against time (200 m).

Fitness, cardio, stretching, and weightlifting exercises have the well-deserved popularity among active and communicative people. Coaches recommend combining all these disciplines and training according to a personal schedule.

Diet and sports are the basis of the “active lifestyle” concept. Their combination allows you to get back your beautiful body, stay in a good mood, and strengthen your health.