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Compression socks for sport’s activity and motion – other side of your workouts. Lovers of stretching, yoga, jogging, cycling and other fitness joys perfectly know how hard muscles are working, bones, joints, ligaments legs in the gym.

Compression - the perfect companion of the wellness lifestyle.

Compression socks are specifically designed to preserve and even improve the health of the lower extremities. Addicted to sports achievements are simply forced to put up with this pleasant side effect!

Compression socks (stockings, socks) - orthopedic devices which provides distribution of skin pressure. The main task is to regulate blood flow circulation. It delivers massage effect when wearing such clothes and  makes the legs do not get tired during the trainning. 

What are the benefits of the compression socks for sport  activities and health.

Socks are  very functional despite the simplicity of this sport's accessory:

• fix the position of the foot and lower leg;

• protect the Achilles tendon;

• create a sense of comfortable shoes;

• increase the flow of oxygen to the muscles;

• support the calf muscles;

Compression socks helps you to get rid of pain before and after workouts, you do not attend delayed onset muscle soreness; you almost do not fear injury.

Compression underwear is useful for health and beauty, due to:

• prevention of varicose veins;

• relief  of swelling, cramps, heaviness in the legs;

• opportunity to forget about troubles such as blisters, corns. 

Socks are three levels of compression (1, 2 and 3). To prevent diseases and sport motion enough to wear underwear class 1 (15-20 mmhg). Those who are in need of restoration, manufacturers recommend recovery line ( "restoring equipment").

How to choose a cool compression socks?!

Good compression socks have anatomical binding, soft solid rubber band, flat seams. They are made from quality breathable materials and latex free. Some models improved a mesh zones for ventilation. The special fabric resistant to various influences: washing, friction, stretching. 

The composition of the synthetic fabric ranging from up to almost natural. Traditionally, manufacturers use:

• Nylon, poliester, elastane (spandex), CoolMax, silicone, etc. - as the dominant material, or as an extra to the cotton. Products made of synthetic fabrics are recommended for intensive sport.

• Cotton wool - as a basis. Socks with natural fibers - a godsend for people with sensitive skin.

Some brands are added to the cloth silver thread it helps to  eliminate odours.

The height of the sock depends on your future physical loadings:

• If you are running a competition, marathon, wear socks to the ankle or with a little tie-in.

• For regular workouts you  need a model for 2-3 cm overlapping ankle or reach the middle of the soleus muscle.

• Socks for prolonged exercise protects the leg to mid-calf or knee.

Such brands as PUMA, 2XU, SKINS, CEP, COMPRESSPORT, ASICS, NIKE, S-HUBme and others are on the particular demand among the experienced sportsmen.

... At the end, compression socks are just beautiful! This is a stylish sports accessory with different twists or "mimicry" as a classic for those who are in need of constant wearing orthopedic underwear.