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It is not a secret that usual carrots are not only tasty and is often used in cooking to prepare a wide variety of dishes, but also has healing properties. And it's true: it helps to  lose weight, get rid of many diseases and give a healthy complexion.

Carrots are valued, above all, a high content of carotene, which goes into the body turns into vitamin A. You should  remember that vitamin A is absorbed only in combination with fat and therefore salads with carrots a must to fill any vegetable oil or sour cream or nuts.

There are a lot of great recipes that combine the beneficial properties of carrot and its wonderful taste.

For example, "Cottage cheese and carrot casserole" is a wonderful combination of fat cottage cheese and carrots. The main ingredients are, of course, cheese and carrots, semolina. But supplement recipe can be infinite! Suit apples, bananas, dried fruits, nuts, and instead of sugar you can add honey or jam - and each time get a new taste and a new dish!


Cottage cheese: 250 grams;

Carrots 3 pcs;

Eggs: 1 piece;

Milk: 200 ml

Semolina: 100 grams;

Sugar: 4 tablespoons;

Vanilla: 1 pinch;

Butter: 1 tsp

1. Carrots clean, grate and stew with butter and 200 ml of milk until soft.

2. Cottage cheese combine with eggs, semolina, sugar and vanilla.

3. Mix well into a homogeneous mass.

4. Add braised carrots.

5. The mass is well once more to mix and beat with a blender into a homogeneous mass, then put in a baking dish. The form should be oiled.

6. Bake in the oven for about 30-35 minutes until golden brown.

7. Let casserole to cool, cut into portions and serve.

This dish will suit to even the youngest members of your family.

Do not forget to eat the carrot is useful when:

• diseases of the heart, especially after a heart attack and angina,

• the presence of kidney stones,

• diseases of the digestive system,

• vitamin deficiency,

• anemia,

• lung diseases,

• Hypertension.

However, there are contraindications - it should not be to eat during inflammation of the small intestine, acute gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. In these cases, useful carrot juice.

Bon appetite and be healthy!