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A perfect body, beauty, and health do not always come from diets and tiresome loads. Certain training elements are so pleasant and efficient that you want to repeat them again and again, every time admiring the result. One of these training components is stretching, commonly known as a “flexibility” workout. It is obvious that stretching teaches you to stretch, do splits, which makes your muscles more flexible, mobile, and elastic.

Today, stretching is one of the most popular types of fitness. Besides separate trainings, stretching is an imperative component of most physical training programs. After intense physical loads, stretching helps to relax the muscles, restore them, and ease the tension. It is the high road to their growth and development. And for a woman’s body stretching will be a world of good. Regular training sessions will relieve your body from joint pain, headaches, back and lower back pain, neck and chest area pain. Stretching is good for blood circulation, therefore, our body becomes flexible and elastic. It is especially good for those who often wears heels. It is an amazing feeling to have your calves and Achilles' tendons look better and feel stronger because wearing your favorite shoes may cause you pain. Stretching is the perfect conclusion to a productive workday; it will vitalize you and aim you towards new accomplishments.

Stretching is not only an efficient and useful type of fitness but also a powerful aphrodisiac. There is a theory that a woman sitting in a split becomes more attractive to men. Every representative of the stronger sex only proves that theory. Flexibility, smooth motions, a fit body – all of this inspires wonder and awakes desire in men. Besides, the grace, the hip sway, and the perfect posture are what you get from regular stretching sessions. Women move more freely and loosely, which means they release energy and vibes; these things play an important part in their relationship with men.  

Since ancient times, stretching has been the sacral development technique for female energy. For example, in Arabian countries, there existed a dance called “Raks Sharki,” today known as the “belly dance.” That dance is phenomenal in its sexuality and requires fantastic grace and flexibility. During that dance, girls not only did various splits but also performed acrobatic elements. Particularly, the sultanas did them to impress their masters and give them pleasure. Arabs believed that nature itself bestowed the movements upon the woman, the movements that held her sexuality for years and ensured the continual attraction of men towards her. Flexible, gracious, beautiful dancer – the woman became an object of admiration; she was identified with universal beauty.

From the psychological point of view, a flexible, “stretched” woman is primarily an energetic and strong woman. The confidence in body movements will result in the confidence in thoughts and actions. Such a woman will easily attract men – she does not have to make an effort to get what she wants. Her pace and her look will do that for her. While stretching, the woman feels how she can control herself, feels her every muscle and becomes the master of her own body, putting aside her insecurities and stereotypes.  

Thus, stretching is a powerful aphrodisiac, which has been attracting men from the dawn of time. A flexible woman becomes a source of special energy. Stretching strips a woman of restraint, gives her a feeling of freedom and control over everything that is happening in her life. Confidence, sexuality, beauty, and a little bit of audacity – isn’t that what attracts modern men?