Art of Stretching with S-HUBme – 10 video workouts

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How to Have a Beautiful Body in Just 20 Minutes A Day

Author of the course: Lisa, Master of Rhythmic Gymnastics

What Is S-HUBme?

Stretching is the most effective and healthiest kind of fitness. Regular stretching increases flexibility, lengthens and strengthens muscles associated with beauty, opens the mind-body connection and creates new physical possibilities – even doing the splits!

Why Is Stretching So Beneficial?

During first month of regular exercise your sports dream will come true: your state of health will improve from the outside-in, your body will become noticeably stronger and attractive

What Do I Do?

I teach the art of stretching. You will receive a complete course of ten (10) brief stretching workouts teaching you everything you need to gain strength, flexibility and look your best. You can do all of this with just 20 minutes a day following my essential stretching courses

Where Do I Stretch?

You can train everywhere: at home, on vacation or during your business trip. I will show you critical stretches you can do from bed in the morning, and even course you can do with your friends in a fun, scenic place

My Vision

I would like every girl to know that flexibility and beauty is not a myth, everybody can have it. Stretching routines like I teach are a time-tested recipe for good health and physical beauty

Short Classes

Every workout lasts only twenty minutes! This is the optimal time for doing complete stretching exercises and each lesson comes with the instruction of a professional Master of Rythmic Gymnastics

Having a Flexible Body is Incredibly Attractive!

Inspirer and author of S-HUBme

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Hi! My name is Lisa, originally from Ukraine. I have devoted 10 years to professional sport and became a master of Rhythmic Gymnastics. That’s why I started project S-HUBme, to provide top instruction to women all over the world and to offer cutting edge gear at a fair price for women to maximize training comfortably

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S-HUBme visited my mind after my daughter’s birth, when my figure changed and I didn’t have enough for “me time”. Recommitting to 20 minutes a day of stretching changed my body back to the “real me”

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I am very proud to make full and complete stretching classes available for moms and busy people who felt like I did. Just 20 minutes a day and your life will change for the better!

A few words about me

My life position (activity)


My love to sport


My self-confidence


My confidence in efficiency of the project S-Hub


My desire to share my skills


My belief in everybody’s ability to do the splits


show performances at sports platforms




completed offline projects on topic «Slimming»


hours of exercising

Who Needs the S-HUBme Program?

You need this project if you feel uncomfortable because:

  • You are a repetitive «sitter»
  • You can’t relax, you are a slave to routine
  • You have a permanent headache
  • You start noticing you have loose skin
  • You constantly dream about changes
  • You need to spice up your everyday choise
  • You are a young mother and just need a proper recovery routine

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Especially, this project is for people with health problems:

  • You have problems with your joints
  • You feel uncomfortable because of backache, leg ache and arm ache
  • You are sick of permanent headache
  • You are a busy executive who travel a lot and have little time to relax
  • You regularly carry a purse or backpack
  • You do weight training on a continuing basis

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What will you get at the end of the project?

  • Improved mood
  • Relaxation of achy or underused muscles
  • Anti-stress effect. Blood circulation improvement and as a result glowing healthy skin
  • Fortifies posture and injury prevention
  • A beautiful, flexible body capable of new feats – even the splits
  • Wow-effect! Your beautiful, sporty body will make stunning impressions
S hub home what you get

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S-Hub Programme

10 full video workouts with everything you need for effective exercises.

Made With Love

Every stretching workout consists of exercises directed on stretching specific groups of muscles. The classes move gradually from simple to complex. You will see constant improvement through repetition and variety.

All Muscle Groups

Stretching works all muscle groups: from toes to fingers.


See the course programme.


Test your level.


Choose appropriate course and pay.


Workout and enjoy at the same time.


Get a sexy and flexible body.


Do the splits!

FAQ or frequently asked questions

What Is S-HUBme?

Literally: The “S” is for stretching - It is the HUB of stretching interests – we offer video courses and fairly priced, advanced clothes to help take your workout to a higher level

How Do I Get Access To Classes?

Register for video courses online. Paid access is good for 6 months of exercise using our online courses! As a free introduction, find out your stretching level by watching our video tutorial «Test your flexibility»

Will You Need Extra Equipment?

It is ideal that you have a jump rope handy, but it is not required and we will show almost anything available in your home or hotel room can be used to facilitate stretching

Why Is It So Important To Follow Our Recommendations?

Simply put: you cannot fail if you follow our professional courses and advice. We will help you get your fitness on track and teach you valuable lessons to stay in shape and change your life

Program S-HUB has two levels*:

Level 1. Begin
USD13.99 USD18.99
  • 10 video lessons
  • 200 minutes of stretching
BUY ON Udemy
*PROMO code included
*You can find out your stretching level watching video «Test your flexibility»

Stretching workout’s Structure

Strengthening the muscles of the feet and stretching legs on cross split

Development of flexibility of the spine and stretching legs on forward splits

Development of flexibility of the upper body and stretching legs on cross split

Stretching the muscles of the back surface of the legs ( calves , knees , etc. ) and forward splits

Development of flexibility of the hip joints and stretching legs on cross split

High Order Exercises. Duration of each class is 20 minutes.

We recommend you to workout not less than 3 times a week.